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Birmingham “City of a Thousand Trades” has a longstanding tradition of small artisanal workshops producing the finest of goods. As a brewery starting out from a small workshop in Hall Green we are on a mission to continue to represent this heritage by producing high quality full flavoured beers for the discerning ale drinkers of Birmingham and the Midlands.

Unit 5, 270 Lakey Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8RA

Thousand Trades are a start up brewery currently producing cask ales for pubs, clubs and beer festivals and other events. We are also in the process of gearing up for bottling beer for sale to the off trade, licensed restaurants, cafes and direct to the public.

The brewery is the result of founder Paul Scrivens’s desire for a career change as he was looking for a more creative and active challenge. After deciding a brewery ticked all the boxes for a new life Paul then had to learn how to brew!

Looking for premises was a long process and finally after some months scouring the streets and alleyways of Birmingham Paul unexpectedly found what he was looking for close to home – a small unit tucked away off Lakey Lane in Hall Green.

Although it has taken a while to get to this point, this is just the beginning, we aim to continuously improve the quality, range and packaging of beers through investment in people, hardware and technology, continual review of processes and identifying opportunities for innovation whilst always respecting the traditions of the brewer’s craft.

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