Silhill Brewery -

Silhill is a young innovative company, complimented by a Master brewer with 28Yrs experience.

Oak Farm, Catherine de Barnes, Solihull, B92 0JB

Silhill brewery started in 2010. Already acknowledged as a premium Brewery in the Midlands region, Silhill’s name is spreading nationwide.

There are three key factors that make Silhill exceptional. First you start with the ingredients. All our ingredients are fully traceable, we can tell you the farm our grain came from and even what field it was grown in. Then there’s our passion. Brewing is a vocation, you have to live and breathe it and everyone at Silhill has a real passion for getting the job done right. Finally, the fun. If it’s not fun, then it’s not for us. We work in a brewery; how could that not be fun?


All our ingredients are fully traceable; from British grain to American hops.


The major use of energy in brewing is in the heating up of the water, therefore we capture solar energy using our solar panels to help heat up the water ready for brewing. We also recycle our heat loss from our heat exchangers to reheat our water again and again. Being green is a good thing.


At Silhill we believe there is always a place for the past and while we also embrace the future, we use the classic style open top square fermenter to make our classic cask ale while using sealed conical fermenters to make our rich IPA’s and craft ales.


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